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Our vision and mission

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Languages at the University of Kufa is a governmental institution aiming at spreading and developing knowledge and preparing high quality graduates with advanced academic levels in the field of language and literature. Consequently, the students will possess the linguistic and research skills necessary for their intellectual and cultural building as translators and researchers. The faculty was established in 2014 and it includes morning and evening study. The morning study involves four Departments: English language Dept., Turkish language Dept., French language Dept. and Persian language Dept. Currently, the evening study includes Department of English only.

The Faculty grants a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature, Turkish Language and Literature, Persian Language and Literature, and French language and Literature. Furthermore, it strives to open postgraduate studies in the next few years, and to create a translation department as well. The language lab at our faculty contributes to developing the student’s ability to read properly, listen properly and understand texts in order to facilitate communication. Thus it develops student’s linguistic talents as required by the labor market. The faculty administration is working on completing the video conference hall, in order to achieve academic communication with regional and foreign universities.