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Daily Archives: May 17, 2023

The Department of French Language at the Faculty of Languages ​​Discusses Graduation Research.

Under the supervision of the Dean of the Faculty of Languages, Prof. Dr. Wiaam Abdul-Wahab Al-Bayati, the Department of French Language began discussing graduation research for fourth-stage students on Monday 5/15/2023. The research was distributed to committees formed by the scientific department and included topics related to literature, language and …

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A Theatrical Show

A Theatrical Show In support of the skills of the students of the Faculty of Languages ​​and in the belief in the importance of extra-curricular activities in learning foreign languages, under the supervision of the Dean of the Faculty of Languages, the Department of English Language held a play entitled …

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Learn foreign languages

At the present time, learning foreign languages is considered one of the most important tools of excellence and creativity. A foreign language learning opens up many horizons and fields and there is no specific age for learning a new language. It is sufficient for the individual to decide and to …

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