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Daily Archives: July 1, 2021

Faculty of Languages, University of Kufa: Maintaining the central cooling system

With tireless arms and tireless determination, under the heat of the sun’s rays, and under the direct supervision of the Dean of the Faculty of Languages: Asst.Prof.Dr.Wiaam Abdulwahab Albayati , and the follow-up to the Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Haider Ghanem Abdel Al-Hassan, the Engineering and Maintenance Unit …

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The Dean of the Faculty follows up a series of periodic maintenance and maintenance campaigns within the Faculty of Languages.

As part of a series of periodic maintenance work within the Faculty of Languages ​​at the University of Kufa, and to upgrade the college to an advanced level of organization and cleanliness, up to the comprehensiveness of the services provided within the college, the technical and engineering staff were carried …

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The Faculty of Languages at the University of Kufa holds a workshop entitled: (The Impact of Persian Literature on Georgian Culture)

  The Department of Persian Language in our Faculty held an attendance workshop entitled “The Influence of Persian Literature on Georgian Culture,” in which Dr. Nidhal Jamil, one of our academic teachers in the Persian language Department, and managed by Dr.Amir al-Kalabi, the head of the Persian language Department in …

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