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The Faculty of Languages at The University of Kufa Holds a Workshop Titled: (Self-learning, Fact or Fiction)

The French Department of the Faculty of Languages held a workshop titled: (Self-learning, Fact or Fiction), which was attended by the Associate Dean of the College, Assist. Prof. Ahmed Abu Shanin, professors and head of the French language department; It was delivered by Dr. Wadih Younis Daham, a lecturer in …

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The Faculty of Languages at the University of Kufa holds a seminar titled: (Principles of Multimedia Discourse Analysis)

The Department of English at the Faculty of Languages ​​held a seminar titled (Principles of Multimedia Discourse Analysis), which was attended by the Dean of the College, Dr. Wiam Al-Bayati, and the professors of the English Department; Assist. Lecturer  Maha Marzouk delivered a lecture in which she emphasized that “language” …

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