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University of Kufa

Faculty of Languages

Dept. of English


The Faculty of Languages is keen on developing its students from the first step, exploring their capabilities towards foreign cultures primarily the English and Turkish cultures. The English Department has been involved in conducting a weekly two hour activity to enrich its students with various skills and knowledge supervised by Asst. Lect. Hind Sabah.

Free Hour Activities Timetable



December 2014





17/ 12/ 2014


-         Two English Videos about education in British schools (English Culture)

-         An English video for developing human skills mainly self-confidence

-         Discussion





24/ 12/ 2014


              A Meeting was held by the Dean, Dr. Ahmed AlKilabi and the Assistant Dean Dr. Siham AlKawwaz for orientating the students, explaining certain things regarding  hygiene, security, the uniform, punctuality and the code of conduct.





31/ 12/ 2014


-         A Video Lesson about English conversation: Learn English speaking

(Learning vocabularies and culture about meeting for the first time: nouns, verbs, making sentences)

-         Discussion and comments

-         Play-game activity for developing creative thinking




January 2015



7 Jan



-         Students’ participation in cleaning the college and decorating their classes, drawing paintings and writing mottos in English.

-         Inculcating the spirit of work collaboration and of team work as well as exploring individual talents.




14 Jan



A group working activity in which students are given time to write short stories. Students should take roles in the story and be part of it adding incidents from their daily life experience.




21 Jan



-         Discussing students’ problems and difficulties faced in studying the materials.

-         Successful experiences in study are displayed to encourage students not to be disappointed when they fail.  




28 Jan



 An open discussion activity encouraging students to speak English and know their mistakes and the weakest points to focus on in the next semester.



February 2015



18 Feb



A group acting activity. Students are given different themes to act in short scenes. This activity endeavors at  developing individual skills, motivating students and creating self-challenge.  



25 Feb



-         Students are exposed to various lyrical poems focusing on the correct way to read and understand English poetry.



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