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Dean’s word

Kufa University \ Faculty of Languages is a governmental institution seeks to promote knowledge and provide undergraduates with high scientific levels of excellence in field of language and literature, as well as having the essential linguistic and research skills to build their culture and intellectuality . Faculty of Languages was founded in 2014 and included English and Turkish Departments. Persian Department (Morning class) and English Department (Evening class) have been introduced and they are going accept students in 2018.The faculty grants Bachelor degree in English language and its literature, in Turkish language and its literature, and in Persian language and its literature. Faculty of Languages tries to start out postgraduate studies in coming years, and endeavors to include French, German, Russian and Translation Departments as well. Faculty of Languages \ Linguistic laboratory contributes in developing student’s right reading, listening and punctual understanding for texts and enabling them to communicate properly, which shows linguistic talents and that what the labor market
The Faculty administration works on completing and providing the Video Conference Hall, which achieves scientific research communication among regional and foreign universities. The Faculty seeks to achieve high
education goals through constant update of educational programs and courses to keep up the development in specialty fields.

Faculty of Languages seeks to communicate with community and beneficial sides as far as the faculty output is concerned. It aims at preparing and enabling graduates to compete in labor market of certain requirements.
The Faculty administration is on touch with Iraqi Translation Association, Education Directorate, Najaf Alashrf Airport, Local Government, Holy Shrines, Non-governmental Organizations; Traveling and Tourism Agencies, Private Schools, and so forth to know exactly the requirements of labor market. Faculty of Languages participates an effective contribution in serving community through holding training courses in languages and translation in its different kinds by a Consultative Translation Office.

May Allah grants success

prof. Dr. Abbas Hassan Jasem

The Dean